While I may seem all fun and games, I'm also dedicated to helping professionals realize the power of improv while living in an unscripted business world full of plot twists, challenges and opportunities to shine.

As a Master of Science in Human Resource Development with an Emphasis on Management and Consulting, Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences along with training from The Second City Conservatory, The Second City Writing Program, The Annoyance Theatre and Jimmy Carrane, I'm uniquely prepared with proven techniques which guarantee positive results in the daily lives of my trainees.

Do you desire for yourself or your team to:

1. communicate more effectively?

2. listen more attentively?

3. be more adaptable?

4. nail presentations with less fear?

5. be more present?

6. practice radical acceptance?

7. build inspired solutions?

8. broaden leadership skills?

9. be more confident & make stronger choices?

10. better navigate team dynamics?

If you said yes to more than two of the questions above, improv training is totally for you! Whether you’re a performer who wishes to develop basic improv skills or a business looking for creative employee development programs, I’m stoked to be your guide. YES, Improv is for everyone AND you don’t have to be funny to benefit from the valuable lessons it teaches us to apply to life.

No matter your needs, I customize this experience to deliver your desired outcome. I’ve worked with numerous school districts, businesses, individuals, improv teams and leadership organizations for over fifteen years.

Want to learn more about how improv can help you optimize your life? I am excited to hear your big, juicy goals!

Go For It! | Level Up with Dan Chiodo

I went on the Level Up podcast with Dan Chiodo to talk about my history in performing, my past in politics and how life looks from my seat today! I hope you'll give it a listen and give Dan a 5-Star rating for his show.

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Need some acting? Need some comedy?

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