Ahhh. Comedy! In this space, I welcome you kick off your shoes and get comfortable. This is where I feel most at home and filled with warm fuzzies.

When I was a Little Mo, I very quickly learned that laughter unlocked powerful potential for connection. It became my mission to “make people happy". Today, you’ll find me performing with The Arena in Branson, Siblings Improv, the SpringVegas Sketch Show and as the Sidekick of the 4-time Emmy Award winning The Mystery Hour. And if you’ve been reading other sections in my website, you’ll see that I write, direct, film, edit and produce my own digital content. Be sure to check out all my social media pages and subscribe to my YouTube channel for all updates on performances and for new digital sketches.

Alright, that's enough about me. I want to know what you need and be the person you trust with finding your solution.

Do you need an improviser?

An actor for a digital sketch?

A writer for a comedic piece?

A funny host for your event?

While I may love silliness, I’m dedicated and serious about delivering a job-well done. If you’re ready to take your project to the next level, I’m thrilled to learn more. Be sure to SAY HELLO below!

If you're here for laughs only, go roam around my comedic wilderness!

Go For It! | Level Up with Dan Chiodo

I went on the Level Up podcast with Dan Chiodo to talk about my history in performing, my past in politics and how life looks from my seat today! I hope you'll give it a listen and give Dan a 5-Star rating for his show.

Fall Me More - A Doja Cat Parody

This is where my mind wanders and suddenly, I am living in my very own Doja Cat Fall Parody Fantasy...


Inspired by Tony! Toni! Toné! I put together this profession of love to my one and only. It's a great lil' throwback from the vault. I filmed and edited this bb. Here's a fun backstory...when I made this, my computer crashed right before saving. I was NOT done. When it turned back on, it was still intact but my computer was acting crazy. I had a choice to either attempt finishing edits to neaten it up OR just live with it. I chose to save and move on with my life because our anniversary was THE NEXT DAY! Ahhhhh! (2020)

Craw-Kan - The Chef

This series with Craw-Kan was a dream!

Craw-Kan - The Personal Trainer

This series with Craw-Kan was a dream!

Need some acting? Need some comedy?

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Need some acting? Need some comedy?

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