Ungrounded Comedy
Ungrounded Comedy

Theatre is the one place I was told to talk louder...and as an ADHDer...that was music to my ears.  

You're telling me I can show up, be as LOUD and weird as I want, and play make-believe with my friends?  

You're telling me there's no such thing as a WRONG choice?  Mistakes are opportunities?  

You're telling me to make BOLD choices?

Weird is more interesting.

And the people on stage with me are listening to me to understand so that we can co-create a collaboration?  

Then, we're going to hop off the stage and talk about how we can communicate more effectively?

Wait.  We're trained to say YES to one another and not deny ideas?  

You're saying that getting out of my head and into the present moment will help me tap into my own personal magic?

And there's a whole team of us with a unified mission to support one another and make each other look good?

Where do I sign up FOR LIFE?!?!  I’ll take one of everything!

When I discovered theatre and improv as a little gal, so much of my life just made sense.  It was one of the few places I unmasked and showed up "pretending to be other people".  

Isn't that amazing?  It's been such a gift that I've cherished.  To have the opportunity to perform with Ungrounded is a whole new chapter of my improvisational comedy story.  I love these people.  

I am so grateful for them and for The Comedy Arena and for our amazing, inspiring...insanely skilled + talented coach, Terry!

This community is special.  I'm so proud to be a part of it.  

Backstage at The Comedy Arena
Tim & Mo