I have a confession. My name is actually Michelle and you can call me Mo. I’m a BOGO person. You buy one, get one free, regardless of the project! I’ll explain. Keep scrolling...




Michelle is a Master of Science in Human Resource Development.

Mo is a Master of Frivolity and Entertainment.

Michelle loves helping businesses and professionals reach their potential.

Mo loves helping others to step into their personal power.

Michelle is obsessed with processes improvement, reinforcing strategies, maximizing productivity, improving effectiveness and organizational change.

Mo is obsessed with behavioral development, coaching the creative, encouraging purpose-driven living, embodying authenticity, and inspiring personal growth.

Michelle vigilantly plans and prepares.

Mo shows up and executes.

Michelle is “The Board”.

Mo is “The CEO”.   



I’ve been performing on-stage and in front of audiences since I was four. What makes me different than many actors?  I’m a business-minded creative. I understand a job requires more than talent alone.  I am an energetic professional with a background in marketing and organizational development who shows ups on-time, prepared and co-create. 

I take tremendous pride in investing myself into the projects with which I collaborate. It’s a privilege to step into the breath, life and experience of the roles I play whether it be in film, a commercial, a theatrical part or as a character in a digital short.



As a host, my goal is to bring high-energy, light, laughter, flow and fun with dependable professionalism. Events require a host who dresses the part and who holds respect for the organizers, sponsors, audience, timing, and messaging.

My hosting style is all about balancing attention-to-detail, overall tone, on-the-fly additions, unexpected changes, engagement, proper pacing and agenda management all while shining the light on the purpose of the gathering.



My approach to training begins with applying basics of improv for everyday and professional life. Improv is for everyone, not just funny people.

My customizable programs promote more effective communication, build stronger teams and inner trust, improve listening skills, inspire confidence, increase synergy, spark innovation, improve connection and add levity. You and your teams will complete training with a renewed excitement and enthusiastic energy.

If you find yourself or those in your office living in a world of black and white, unintentionally blocking yourselves and/or one another, finding impossibility abound, desiring unity or just needing to increase your creative and natural flow, it's time to take action. It would be my honor to watch you transform in the loving, encouraging, free-to-fail space we'll make together.

If you're a creative looking to boost your comedic repertoire, I will introduce you to the fundamentals in a supportive environment with exercises and games as we establish the basics of scene-work, being present, risk-taking and simple agreement to help you build a firm foundation in the art of improv comedy.