Be Light
Be Light

I've had a revelation spurred by Abraham-Hicks. My whole life, I've been inspired to "help" "make" people laugh. Lately, I'm doing some reframing. It's not my responsibility to push or guide anyone into anything. That's your job to do for yourself.

You know what I find to make more sense? Being me as joyfully as I am able. Seeking what fulfills and excites me. Whatever feels good for me is my fuel. It's my belief, if we all went in the direction of our own true desires...the warm, bright light of YOU will inspire more to do the same. That means you'll have more time to love and live your life while making a legitimate impact on others who are in tune with your vibe.

You can't make anyone do anything (especially those with another energy) and what the hell IS help? When people see you living in alignment, they'll want to figure out how to do that for themselves. That feels right, right?

I love and celebrate whatever "you doing you" means.