The Emmy's
The Emmy's

We were walking under the Gateway Arch barefoot and taking a ride on a riverboat by day.  

By night, we were doing the walk & pose and sipping wine with some of my funny friends.  

We didn't win and Emmy this time but the whole day felt like one big win.  

I love my life with Dave.  We do this thing we call "Solidurging".  We take the days by what feels best to us...what gives us a solid urge.  Then, we just have exactly the day we want from one choice to the next.  That's what we did the whole day before the Emmy's. I've never had so much fun with another person in my life.  

Once, I heard Barbara Bush call her husband, "The World's Greatest Man."  I believe she felt that way about him, too.  You could see it in her eyes.  It resonated deeeeep!  It's the best way I never knew how to describe Dave until I heard her say it.  To me, he's the World's Greatest Man.

I'm over the damn Moon about getting to stand next to him in sparkly dresses.

Dave & Mo

The Mystery Hour

Only missing Josh Willis!