Other than my decision to use a rub on tanner the morning of an event where I'd be sweating onstage...

We had such an awesome trip!  I saw my family and our old KKOW billboard from last year, too!  Here's my recap in photos and words.  

Speaking at MSSU’s Orientation was one of the most inspiring experiences!  As I am passionate about supporting the next generation of leaders, it was an incredible honor to have the opportunity to share tools and insights with a room full of people embarking on a new journey!  

What truly inspired me was the sense of possibility and potential that permeated the entire event. These are not just any college students - they are future leaders, innovators, and change-makers, each with their own unique visions for the future and the passion and drive to make them a reality.

As I listened to their questions and ideas, I was struck by the immense potential that lies within this generation of students. They are not content to accept the status quo - they are determined to challenge it, to push boundaries, and to create a life of their own.

And that, ultimately, is what inspired me the most. Seeing the passion and determination in the eyes of these individuals reminded me of the power of human potential, and of the importance of investing in OURSELVES. It also reinforced my own commitment to myself and to my clients.  

In short, it left me feeling inspired, energized, and optimistic about the future. It’s a reminder of the incredible potential that lies within each and every one of us, and of the importance of investing in that potential to create a better world for us all.  

Big thanks to MSSU and Jared for having me!  I love my new gold, sparkly cup!

You can start new TODAY, by the way.  No one has to give you permission...