Dave's Birthday
Dave's Birthday

A little but of Summer?  Why not?  We were cabana lizards in the hot, hot sun!  

Did I take a thousand pictures?  Always.  Were 947 of them selfies?  

Ya know, I've realized it's important to romanticize as much about my life as possible.  I want to wear the outfit, meet all the people, feel the heat, luxuriate in joy, taste all the fruit...

Anywho, it feels good to create your life the way you want to experience it.  We've done that together and it's so fun to have Dave as a partner in it all.  This weekend was for him.  I'll be celebrating him as many moments as possible until the day I die and beyond.  I always tell him he's perfect and he tells me, "I'm just perfect for you."  He then follows it by saying we're perfect for each other which is sweet while feeling like a friendly jab.