Birthday Month Concludes
Birthday Month Concludes

This will be my last birthday post (I think). Why? Because I'm running out of birthday content.

It's also because the beginning of August marks the celebration of my gorgeous king!

For now, please enjoy my birthday series ((NOW IN PHOTO))!

1. Each year, I give myself a treat. This year was permanent makeup. Eyebrow and lip tattoos, people! Did it hurt? Was it worth it? Yes. Hit up Nikki at Dr. Fly's Salon for ya fix. Keep scrolling for the real stuff.

................................................and it barely hurt...and this photo is a callback to a movie. Can you guess?

2. I gave a bus tour to a bunch of KCU students with The Joplin Chamber. They were SO kind and wonderful. They sang Happy Birthday to meeee!!!! The sweet bbs.

3. First, you should a contractor, it's not necessarily common to have an office in your client's facility. BUT my friends made a space for me. They've shown me so much love and I am incredibly grateful for their kindness. Now would ya look at that office!?! They also made a big deal out of me on my day. And you know I love when people make a big deal out of me!

4. Tattoos

5. If you watched my stories around 7/14, you heard me running my mouth about all the beautiful new jewelry Dave gave to me. I wore it all dayAND bought a Salty Sloth. I saved $1 for taking that picture! Lisa also bought me a ribbon that I wore the whole stinkin' day! My ribbon earned me a free brownie! #winning

6. Mom and Brie spoiltttttt meee! The last two pictures are from them. Guess who gave me what! One is a pair of lobster flip flops, the other isa box with Tiffany & Co. earrings inside.

7. That's it. We end on 7 because the 7th month of the year comes to an end today. Thank you to July! You've given me a lot of good times.Let's keep doing this until the last day of my 87th.