🌮 Anniversary Recap 🍹
🌮 Anniversary Recap 🍹

1. We went to Fuzzy's Taco Shop for dinner.  Every time I tell someone I eat there, I catch grief.  I totally love getting poked about it.  People have a thing against Fuzzy's around here.  It's true!  hahaha.  We like it.  It's close.  They have Bombpopritas.  The chips are SeAsOnEd.  I like black beans.  Mostly, they have outdoor seating.  

1A ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ Because I posted about being at Fuzzy's because I love outdoor seating...and claimed there was nowhere else in Joplin with outdoor seating, I was schooled.  Apparently, you can sit on a patio outside at: Finn's, Social BTB, The Boardroom, Blackstone AND COMING SOON...Beast & Barrel.  I stand corrected.

2. A long time ago, Dave declined my Google Calendar invite to our Anniversary.  Every year, I get to see that he may or may not show up.  Like, I usually think he's coming... I MOSTLY feel preeeettty good about it but this invitation reminder leaves me guessing.

3. I bought Dave a Polaroid camera for his birthday.  We decided to bust it out and make our first memories for our cutesss lil' Polaroid album.  I like knowing they're just for us.  😈

4. Dave saved a Praying Mantis from a truck.  We didn't want the vehicle owner to drive off with her hanging on for dear life.  So, Dave picked her up.  Then, the little bb ran up Dave's head and poked its tiny claws a bunch of times at his head.  I warned him they don't have a great track record with male heads.  Alas, the tiny bb hopped away.  This was exciting for me.  For you, we do not know.  🧐

5. Bombpoprita. 🇺🇸

6. Gushy and dramatic love stuff.  I'm here for it.  Whatever.

7. Documenting our Sam's Club trip.


9. Okay, I'll share some of the Polaroids but that's it.  Never again.